Mission Statement

We know you don't really care how many homes we've built, how many years we've been in business, or how many 'happy customers' we've had. It's simple, you want a home, you want a place where you can kick your shoes off, turn your music up, and make a mess.  Why? Because it's your house! And we would never dare take that away from you. When we say we'll take the job, we know we are building your home, not ours. So we listen to you and we work with you. And hey, it just so happens that we DO have thousands of houses under out belt, years of experience, and a really long list of 'happy customers'. But that's just a perk, something that naturally came as a result of our focus on what's really important, you.

Meet the Team
Merlin Rowley

Born in Mesa, Merlin started out as the low-man-on-the-totem-pole; hauling lumber and cleaning job sites. Merlin climbed the ranks quickly learning how to read blue prints, frame homes, and was running a crew just after 1 year.  Shortly thereafter, Merlin opened Rowley Construction. Through the thick and thin, Rowley Construction has kept its doors open. Going strong 27 years! Merlin enjoys volunteering in the community. Currently he is a lay bishopric member for a church. Merlin is a volunteer member of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse.

Stan Rowley

Born in Mesa, Stan, with his gifted mind, is the man to have on any job.  He seems to have the experience of 3 life times. His keen intellect, not only in framing, but in all trades will save any project time and money. Whether the project is small or large, he will have creative solutions for any job.

Danny Lopez

Danny started out competing in racquetball tournaments. Sponsored by E-Force, he taught classes and competed with the best players in the country.  Danny, fluent in Spanish and English, also having a real estate license, is well educated and knowledgeable. He is very experienced in the construction process and market trends.  Danny has constantly served the community through his years and is currently a lay bishop, which leads a local congregation in worship. Danny is a volunteer member of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse.

Tyson Andelin

Husband / Office Manager

Tyson graduated from Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business. He is the behind-the-scenes man that crunches the numbers, finding the best deal to stay competitive. He is active in the community; currently he teaches a group of peers and a youth group about improving one’s life by making good decisions.

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We are Arizonans and this is our community. We grew up in your neighborhood, we went to your schools, so our work here is more than just a job, it's an investment in our home.










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